the DIY manicure

manicure | www.ohhellolovely.commanicure | www.ohhellolovely.comI wanted to share some tips on how I master the at-home manicure! Like I have mentioned in the past, I had decided to take a break from nail tips almost six years ago now. I loved how strong the acrylic made my nails and how polished they always looked. But the damaging effects started to show when it wouldn’t take anymore. My salon suggested taking a break so that’s what I did! I still wanted my nails to look polished but I couldn’t justify the weekly costs of a manicure. I invested in the supplies to do it myself and was so happy with the results. This doesn’t mean I don’t treat myself to some pampering every once in a while, but it makes it more affordable between appointments! Take a look at my tips and do a little at-home pampering this weekend!

Step 1 – Remove any old polish from nails
Step 2 – Cut and file nails to your desired length and shape – keep in mind if your nails break easily a rounded tip or edges are less likely to
Step 3 – Soak nails to soften cuticles and/or massage cuticle cream directly onto cuticle/around nail bed
Step 4 – Use one end of the cuticle pusher tool clean under the tips of your nails. Use the other end of the tool to push back cuticle (the curve should match the curve in your nail) – I find its best to use a brisk motion to do this step
Step 5 – Use the cutter/nipper tool to clean up cuticle, hang nails or dead skin around the nail bed
Step 6 – Buff nail (you should follow the grain of the nail ie. vertically)
Step 7 – Massage cuticle oil to finger tips – if I have none around I substitute with Moroccan Oil!
Step 8 – Wash and dry hands thoroughly to make sure your nails are dried off before applying your basecoat – this will help your polish last longer, go on smoothly and protect them from staining with darker polishes
Step 9 – Shake and apply polish! I usually start by dabbing a blob of polish near the bottom center of my nail where I want the colour to start. I brush a very thin coat up the middle and then brush the colour up each side of my nail. I let them dry for a few seconds between coats to avoid any bubbling. I repeat the same steps until I’m happy with the coverage and colour! Lighter colours can end up looking streaky some of the time so I usually wear about 3 coats of polish with these.
Step 10 – If you want to add glitter or any decoration to nail, here is where you want to do it! I usually like to let my nail dry a little (they should feel tacky), before applying my top coat. This ensures you don’t brush away any of the colour. A topcoat will step will prevent chipping and give your desired finish whether it be matte or shine. Let your nails dry thoroughly, clean up any product outside of your nail bed and your done!

friday favourites: holiday beauty

winter beauty favourites
Hello! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I wanted to ring 2015 in by sharing a few of my favourite beauty products this season! We haven’t had a ton of snow yet this year so they are mostly my picks for the holidays.

1. MAC lipstick in Relentlessly Red
I have finally found the perfect holiday red! This shade is a classic that was slightly more orange than most of the shades of red I wear. It has a nice finish that felt smooth and re-applied nicely without drying!
2. E.L.F. Shimmering Facial Whip
I love to tap just a little of this to highlight in the corner of my eyes, cheekbones or browbone! The size makes it easy to throw in your bag for touch ups on the go!
3. Essie polish in Bahama Mama
Ever since I got this colour I haven’t wanted to wear anything else. It’s a rich deep purple shade that reminds me of the Stila Aria liquid lipstick that I love. It was a nice break from the typical reds I wear during the holidays
4. Essie polish in Stitched
I’m always a fan of neutral pink nail shades but this one out of the holiday collection has a subtle shimmer that gives a pearly look. It looks gorgeous worn under the matte topcoat too!
5. Essie Topcoat in Matte About You
I love the look of matte anything so I’m surprised it took me this long to try this product! Its gives a chic finish to your nails with any shade of polish
6. Herbal Essence Dry Shampoo
With such a busy calendar during the season, styling my hair often + the dry weather can be damaging. I try to minimize washes as much as possible! This one has worked really well for me and comes in an amazing rose scent!
7. Evian Water Spray
With the winter chill happening here I decided to try this product. When your skin is feeling tight and dry it keeps it feeling hydrated and dewy
8. Revlon Liquid Eyeliner in Blackest Black
Anytime I want a look that will last all night aka special occasions, photos, etc., I use this. It gives me a bold, smooth look that lasts ALL night! It is not the type of liner you want to make mistakes with though as it dries super matte, I usually use a formula like this L’Oreal one that is a bit more forgiving first as a template
9. Sonia Kashcuk Eye Shadow Quad in Fair and Square
This colour palette is my favourite for everyday and I can build intensity for the evening! I love to tap the glitter shade over my lid or corner of my eyes for looks that I want to be a little more special
10. Sonia Kashuk Matte Lip Crayon
Within my first application I knew I loved this product. The velvety texture feels great especially with the dry winter weather. The nude pink colour is perfect for everyday looks or paired with a smokey eye for evening
11. Sephora Glitter Eyeliner and Mascara in Golden Glitter
If bold eyes or lips are not for you or if like me, you just like to try something new – this is for you! I love how sleek and sophisticated a simple line of glitter underneath, along your liner or both, can look! Such a small statement can make a big impact for your next evening out

friday favourites: new beauty

new beauty favourites

Every time I put together posts I love seeing how much what is inspiring me lately comes out in my beauty and fashion favourites! I usually like to try a few new beauty products every once in a while, I thought would share what I’m loving lately with you! Take a peek below.

1. The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream
I’m always on the search for new creams and a girlfriend recently suggested another product from this line, when I checked it out I fell in love with this! very hydrating, plus the scent is light and fresh
2. Essie Nail Polish in Ladylike
I have been drawn to mauve tones lately and was searching for an elegant shade like this one! it’s a versatile colour and goes with a lot of looks
3. Essie Nail Polish in Chinchilly
this is a colour loved by many but when I had originally tried it a while ago, I wasn’t sure if it was for me! I love when you give something another chance though, after all, there is a reason everyone loves this classic grey shade!
4. Essie Nail Polish in Topless & Barefoot
I was looking for a nude polish when I found this one and I can’t get enough of it! it has a pink undertone so it’s not as brown as some nude polishes, which I of course love! it goes with everything flawlessly
5. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita
the perfect rosy lip colour, it’s so versatile and I can wear it with all of my favourite looks! plus I love these pencils for their texture and matte finish
6. Fresh Rose Floral Toner
my coworker and beautiful friend who also an aesthetician, got me onto using rose water in the mornings when I don’t have time for my whole routine, (which I will be sharing on the blog soon, so stay posted!) and after trying one from a natural health food store I was on the search for similar products and ta da! fresh is a Sephora favourite of mine so it was a natural choice! this acts as a toner to balance and neutralize skin before your makeup and I love the effects! the rosy scent isn’t bad either!
7. Stila Liquid Lipstick in Aria
if I could pick one lip colour to wear all season, it would probably have to be this one! I was looking for a berry shade that wasn’t too red or too purple and I think this shade is the perfect fit, I get compliments every time I wear it! I also love the matte finish of these lipsticks and application is made a lot easier with the liquid formula
8. Wet ‘n’ Wild Lipstick in Bare it All
this nude lip stick is not only a steal of a deal, but it surprised me how smooth it went on and felt! the colour lasts and looks great layered under a pale pink gloss!
9. Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Pink Blossom
I have tried so many lip balms claiming to tint your lips and hydrate but they never quite did it for me until I found these! also recommended by a few friends and I’m so glad I tried them, they are truly hydrating and have great pigment for a balm! I layer this in between lipstick application as well when I’m wearing matte formulas that are especially drying or when I just want a natural wash of colour
10. Revlon Highlighting Palette in Rose Glow & Bronze Glow
I love a good highlighter and these are a great price and have a gorgeous finish! I like the rose one for when I’m paler and the bronze for when I have a tan, they have enough pigment that you could wear them alone for a natural dewy looking flush

friday favourites: burning red

red beauty

Happy Friday! I have been all about red nails and lips lately so I wanted to share what I have been wearing! I feel like there is something so classic and chic about red and it’s surprisingly neutral. I think this is one of the easiest ways to look put together on the fly too so just in time for the weekend, kick up your heels and maybe throw on one of my faves below!

1. MAC Lipstick in Rubywoo
this lipstick lives up to its name! the ruby shade of red is gorgeous, I can’t get enough of it! the formula is definitely on the matte side so I make sure to use a scrub then hydrate my lips before applying or I keep a rose-coloured Burt’s Bees lip balm on hand for in between applications

2.Essie Polish in Really Red
my go-to classic red nail polish, which to be honest I only tried after I read that its Olivia Palermo’s fave, and she knows a good red! it has become a must-have of mine

3. Essie Polish in A List
I found a shade of red that I loved last holiday season by OPI, it was part of the Mariah Carey collection called ‘All I want for Christmas is you’, even the name is the cutest! I have been trying to find a similar colour and this is it! it is a gorgeous rich shade of red

4. MAC Lipstick in Ladybug
this was one of the first red lipsticks I bought, I find it to be an orange shade of red with a creamy finish! I love it when I want a more natural shade of red that is still a little dramatic, it can also be layered for a more intense shade!

5. MAC Lipstick in Diva
this is an amazing vampy shade of red that I adore! this one is very matte as well and can be drying but the shade is so amazing, its worth the extra work! (see my tips above to help with this)

6. Covergirl Outlast Lipstain in Wildberry Wink
don’t let the name fool you, this shade of stain is a cherry red! sometimes I don’t have the patience for a lip liner so I use these on the go! this gives you a template and makes easier to apply lipstick plus your lips look more defined

7. Benefit Benetint Cheek and Lipstain
I love this multifunctional stain! I usually use this product on my cheeks for a pretty, rose glow that looks so natural you could actually almost get away with saying ‘I woke up like this’

8. Annabelle Lipliner in Cherry
like I was getting at above, lip liner’s feel like a step I would rather go without but I figure its always good to keep one handy. that being said I’m definitely not splurging on an item I rarely use so I tried this drug store lip liner and I had great results, plus the shade works with any of my red lipsticks

9. Covergirl Lipstick in Tempt
I had been searching for a raspberry shade of red for a while when I found this one and I immediately loved it, I wear Covergirl Lipstain underneath for a more intense look for evening (see above)

10. Mac Mineralize Rich Lipstick in So Good
this poppy shade of red has blue undertones and is great if you love a creamy almost sheer finish that isn’t drastic! I love how moisturizing these lipsticks are too!

friday favourites: fall beauty must haves

fall beauty Earlier this week I shared some of my fall fashion must-haves and thought it was necessary to share my fall beauty must-haves as well! Fall makeup is my favourite with all of the berry, gold, and bronzy shades. Unfortunately as the weather gets colder, I have to put a little more care into my skin and hair routine in a different way, so I shared a few of my quick fixes!

1. Mac Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Tempting, Amber Lights, and Cranberry
fall always calls for adding some deeper cranberry and bronze shades as well as amber and gold to play up your eyes! I usually will wear amber lights or tempting on the lid and blend cranberry into the crease
2. Aveda Smoothing Fluid
the colder weather always dries my hair out so to keep things smooth I add this serum to my ends after styling and as usual with aveda products, you won’t be disappointed with the amazing scent!
3. Essie Polish in Bordeaux
I love my pale pink nail shades but for fall and winter I usually will wear some deeper burgundy ones too!
4. Sephora Herbal Rose Blotting Papers
along with dry hair is the dry skin! usually when my skin is dry it becomes more oily so these pretty pink sheets help with keeping fresh all day
5. Philosophy Amazing Grace Whipped Body Cream
philosophy combines my love of mantra’s and an amazing product! I love to keep a good whipped cream in my bag to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day
6. Sephora Wild Thing Kabuki Brush
the dry weather also means that blending is even more important, that’s where this cute leopard tool comes in handy
7. Smashbox Blush Rush in Passion
I love this berry coloured blush for those days that I want a minimal look that is put together! I fill in brows, add mascara and a pop of colour on the cheeks
8. Mac Lipstick in Diva
my ultimate fall lipstick! this bold colour can be intimidating but looks gorgeous on everyone! I wear it with a light bronze eye or just mascara and it will easily take your look from day-to-night
9. Rosebud Salve
to keep lips hydrated I almost always turn to my rosebud salve, I love the light rose scent and the petrolatum base keeps lips supple
10. Stila Color Balm Lipstick in Sheri
I have mentioned these lipsticks before, the peppermint oil smells amazing and does wonders for your lips! I love this shade for a neutral fall look and usually will pat on for a stain effect

friday favourites: hair products

hair products

Hair care is probably the area I spend the least amount of time on. Just like your skin, learning your hair type will help to narrow down which products will work best for you. I learnt the hard way.. okay so it wasn’t that hard, but I wasted a lot of money trying new ones that didn’t do anything for me. I have fine hair but lots of it so it tends to tangle easily and get heavy with lots of product! There are a few items that I swear by and can’t live without, see them below!

1. Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray
this is a must have for me and any other fine haired gals! I apply this while my hair is damp and it gives me a thicker appearance. I also love that it helps my hair hold styles and last longer between washes!
2. Moroccanoil Original Oil Treatment
I apply this while damp as well, mainly focusing on the ends! I have tried so many oil treatments and this one is the only one that doesn’t weigh my hair down, plus it smells ahhmazing
3. Philopsophy Coconut Frosting Shampoo
I adore Philosophy products and I’m a sucker for the amazing smell of coconut anything, but its the best in your hair! plus this doubles as a body wash!
4. Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo
I feautured this in my last post but I couldn’t leave it out of my favourites, afterall it has helped this girl out on many occasions! I give a quick spray and let set before brushing out to soak up any oil, especially in my bangs
5. Tresemme Fine Mist Hairspray
not only is this hairspray a great deal, its great for a natural look with it’s fine mist, I usually like to let it set and then run a brush through it for natural looking waves
6. Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask
a friend bought this for me because I was a fan of the oil treatment and I have been obsessed ever since! I like to give my hair a mask at least once or twice a month to keep it healthy and soft
7. Neutrogena Anti Residue Shampoo
I usually use this at least once a month to get rid of all the product build up in my hair
8. Bumble & Bumble Does It All Styling Spray
I love this spray and like to keep the smaller version in my bag for touch ups on the go!
9. Bumble & Bumble Prep
this spray is my first go-to before styling! it helps to keep my tangly hair under control and keeps it healthy, plus you need less of your other products
10. Kerastase Shampoo & Conditioner
my ultimate splurge when it comes to hair care and so worth it, whenever my hair is in serious need I grab these! they also smell heavenly!

friday favourites: camping essentials

camping essentials

If you read my style post here, you’ll know I went on the first camping trip of the summer last weekend and it had me thinking about the essential items every girl should pack! I love being natural in nature but if you’re a total girl like me you still want a little polish, take a peak at my suggestions below!

1. Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo
dry shampoo works wonders to keep hair looking fresh which is especially needed on camping trips!
2. Talula Beacon Sweater
chilly nights by the fire call for a cute pullover, this one is a favourite of mine
3. Old Navy Flip Flops
I love these comfy flip-flops for camping and never worry about them getting ruined
4. Benefit Posie Tint
this stain is perfect for adding a natural pink pop of colour to cheeks and lips!
5. Top Shop Elastics
I like to throw my hair in a bun or braid while camping, so elastics are a must! I adore this pink one
6. H&M Straw Hat
I included this hat again because its my favourite, but any hat is great to cover up unwashed hair!
7. Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Wipes
I always like to make sure I’m still taking care of my skin while camping so these wipes are great for freshening up!
8. Bow Bandana
throwing your hair in a bun and adding a bandana is a cute way to accessorize in the woods
9. Stila Color Balm Lipstick in Isla
these lipsticks are amazing, they go on so smoothly and have peppermint oil in them so your lips will be hydrated! this is a peach-pink shade that I love!
10. Maybelline Falsies
mascara is a must have when your going for a natural look but still want to look put together! I love this formula for building natural looking volume

friday favourites: sephora splurges


Sephora is pretty much beauty product heaven! Browsing through Sephora for the first time is still such a fond memory for me, I think I stayed until closing time! Whenever I want to try new products this is usually where I head, I can spend hours in there. I love that they have so many diverse products and brands to choose from!

Sometimes its hard to shell out a ton to try new beauty products that your not sure about and even harder to find ones that you love. That being said there are definitely a few items from Sephora that I can’t live without and are worth splurging on! I thought I would share my top products to pick up.

1. Benefit Eye Bright
I love this pencil for quickly brightening up eyes or even to highlight cheekbones on the go!
2. L’Occtaine Cherry Blossom Hand Cream
there are not many hand creams I can say always to the trick, but this one is amazing + it smells divine
3. NARS Lipgloss in Turkish Delight
this is a perfect light pink gloss for a pale wash of colour or over lipstick to neutralize
4. Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara
the large brush on this mascara is one of my favourites, you can build serious volume with this wand!
5. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
since I have oily skin, sometimes a primer is a must! this is my go to when I need my makeup to last and want a really flawless application as this will smooth any unevenness before applying foundation
6. Beauty Blender
I jumped on the beauty blender band wagon because I honestly just had to try it and I really love the dewy finish it gives foundation application when I want a more natural look
7. Tarte Matte Lip Tint in Hope
I’m a huge fan of lip pencils and stains and these come in all different finishes which I love! this colour is a perfect neutral with just enough pink for my everyday look
8. Urban Decay Primer Potion
I use this eyeshadow primer every day – it will intensify your shadow so you need less product + it will last all day without creasing!
9. Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray
this product is another great way to help makeup last.. all night long! again with oily skin this product is a must when I need my look to stay put
10. NARS Blush/Bronzer Duo in Orgasm/Laguna
this gorgeous duo has a great bronzer and blush that both work universally, I love the peachy-pink shade of blush which has a hint of shimmer and the bronzer looks very natural!

friday favourites: summer skincare


The summer heat is in full effect here and I’m quickly reminded that I need to switch things up in my skin care routine! I always love trying new products, but it can be hard to find what works for you. Knowing your skin type is the first step to understanding which products will work well so I thought I would share some of my favourite products to help keep your skin clear and beautiful for summer!

I have suffered from oily and sensitive skin my whole life and I know, I know.. it means you won’t wrinkle! I have heard it all before, but it comes with a whole slew of other problems. I only recently learnt that my skin was actually over producing sebum because of dry weather which leads to breakouts. I was always treating it with products that were drying it out even more, it’s a vicious cycle! Although, knowing this finally helped me understand how to treat my skin and what products would work for me! Take a look at my faves to combat this below:

1. Mia Clarisonic
this is an absolute must have for anyone and I cannot praise it enough! it has done wonders for my skin and beats spending a ton on spa treatments regularly, don’t get me wrong I love em’ but this is a great alternative to keep your skin clear!
2. Clarisonic Refreshing Gel Cleanser
I actually fell in love with this cleanser that came with my clarisonic, gel cleansers always seem to be a great option to avoid dry skin and are less harsh! plus they have a wonderful cooling effect
3. One Love Organics Love Springs Eternal
not only does this serum smell so amazing you will want to devour it, it will make your skin so soft! I love wearing this serum to bed and waking up to supple and dewy skin
4. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen
I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of face lotion (insert a collective gasp here!) and I know mostly everyone will tell you this is a no no, but the day I find a lotion that is truly oily free and doesn’t make me breakout I will avoid them! that being said I know wearing an spf is so important, especially in the summer months and this dry touch one gives me just enough moisture for the day
5. Aveda Intensive Hydrating Masque
I love Aveda products and have loved any of the ones I’ve tried! here is where I get a good fix of moisture when I need to beat the heat! I wear it as a quick masque or to bed when I’m really lacking
6. Aveda Firming Eye Cream
I always thought eye creams were for when you got older, but since using this one I wish I had started sooner! I think it’s always a good idea to take care of the sensitive skin around your eyes and starting earlier will only benefit you and your beautiful peepers!
7. Rocky Mountain Soap
I have been using this soap for years and absolutely love it! they are all natural and each soap has its own benefits based on your skin type, I switch it up depending on my concerns that season
8. Skoah Tonik
this toner is another must have throughout the summer, it will help to minimize pores and balance your skin’s ph level! love to spritz it on my face on humid summer days for a nice refresher
9. Neutrogena Grapefruit Foaming Scrub
exfoliating is super important to avoid breakouts during summer, it will help to get rid of any build up of left over makeup and oil from a hot day! I also love the grapefruit facial wipes!
10. Clean & Clear Spot Treatment
even all of the best treatments and products can’t always help blemishes from appearing, but thankfully a little of this stuff before bed should make them disappear by morning!

friday favourites: essie polish


I started painting my nails after years of putting them through damaging acrylics and gels. This was mainly a result of watching Sex and the City, Miranda commented on her ex’s new girlfriend (see below). I was mortified and wondered if my nails were considered tacky? How could Miranda, my pessimistic soul sister betray me like that?! I realized it was time to take a break, plus thinking of all the money I would save on weekly fills and fixes sounded great!

Carrie, about Steve’s new girlfriend: Well, did you see her?
Miranda: Just her shoes and her nails.
Carrie: And?
Miranda: Both acrylic.

The day Essie arrived in Canada was an exciting one. I had been reading about the polishes in my favourite beauty magazines for years! Celebrity manicurists hailed the polishes as must haves for perfect nails and I would have to agree. Easy to apply and virtually streak free, they always make my nails look professionally done! I usually tend to stick with the pastel version of most colours I wear and add a couple of bright shades to my toes, see my faves below.

1. Blanc
the perfect polished white shade which works for all seasons
2. Ballet Slippers
this is a great neutral that goes with any outfit and has just enough pink!
3. Adore-a-Ball
this shade is similar to the above shade but has just a little more pink
4. Sugar Daddy
sheer and creamy pink, I use this when I’m pressed for time but still want to look put together
5. Fiji
this is a gorgeous white-pink shade that goes with any outfit
6. Muchi Muchi
I feel like this one is a brighter pink version of the above, which I love when I’m feeling a little more girly
7. Cute as a Button
if the name wasn’t cute enough, this colour is exactly what you would imagine – a perfect pink-coral!
8. Tart Deco
this orange colour is a fun way to add a little funkiness to an outfit without going neon
9. Lilacism
I was hesitant to try a colour that was not a shade of pink or peach (I know, shocking), but this is such a pretty pastel purple that anyone could pull off
10. Fiesta
I searched for the perfect bright pink that wasn’t too red or too purple and this is my favourite!
11. Peach Daiquiri
a brighter peach punch shade that I love for my toes!
12. Good to Go
this top coat not only helps your nails dry faster, but is also the secret to giving my nails a polished and professional looking shine! I couldn’t go without this and have recommended it to so many people

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