friday favourites: summer beauty

summer beauty

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I’m a little late on sharing my picks for summer beauty favourites, but I have been busy enjoying the sunshine! My beauty routine has been pretty simple lately! I love nice glow for summer so I apply bronzer along my hairline and cheekbones. This one is inexpensive and has a great natural finish! I love using this brush for bronzer, it picks up just enough product for a natural finish and blends perfectly (I also use it for my foundation!). Add some mascara, brow gel, a pink pout and your ready to go! I use the brow brush to blend the gel once dry for a more natural look. My skincare has been minimal as well. I’m obsessed with this soap I picked up on a whim one day. Not only does it leave my skin feeling great, it doesn’t dry your face or hands out. Once my face is clean, I like to use a vitamin C serum to give my skin all of the goodies it needs! Finally, I love these two creams, they are lightweight, moisturizing and don’t make me break out! Hope everyone is enjoying their summers!

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