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I’m so excited to share some of my favorite home items and tips with you! Tyler and I moved into our new home about 2 and a half years ago now and it has been so fun decorating each space. Our style has evolved and the rooms have evolved with it which can be exciting, confusing, frustrating and rewarding all at the same time. Hopefully I can help someone make the process a little easier!

Shopping for décor is a favourite pastime of mine, I could spend hours searching. In case you didn’t notice I’m a huge fan of Indigo, they always have great unique and stylish items that I can’t find anywhere else. I also couldn’t live without Homesense, I can always count on them for great finds and deals! Also on my go-to list? Target, Ikea, Superstore, Crate and Barrel, Walmart, Pottery Barn, Pier One Imports, Michaels and really anywhere I can find what I’m looking for!

My advice is to buy pieces that you love and figure out where to put them later on! I feel like your less likely to tire of your design if it speaks to you personally. That being said having a continuous theme is something I would suggest, especially when it comes to your main rooms like your kitchen and living room. I love to create a calming and relaxing feel in these rooms as this is usually the space where you spend most of your time unwinding after your day. I also feel like it makes guests feel welcome and comfortable. Obviously not everyone’s personal style and preferences with be in line with mine but no matter what theme or feel your going for, here are some tips I follow when putting a room together:

Keep Scale In Mind – Scale is so important to make your rooms look balanced! If your space is small, avoid bulky furniture and opt for smaller scale pieces to make your room feel less cluttered. If you have high ceilings or a large space, buy larger pieces so your room doesn’t look bare. When it comes to décor try using varying heights of items to keep it interesting!

Add Texture – Texture is a great way to add visual interest to your room. See above for some of my favourite items with varying textures including linen, moss, wicker, cork, rope and knits.

Move Things Around – Like I mentioned earlier, buy your pieces then go home and rearrange! It can be easy to get stuck and think a room is ‘finished’ but you could be missing out on a piece’s full potential. I often try pieces in every space before finally settling on a new home for my décor. Sometimes it won’t work out or feel ‘right’ but sometimes it will be amazing and I’m so glad I decided to be creative!

Incorporate Similar Colours & Patterns – This is a great tip if you’re designing your room around a specific piece that you love. For example if you found a rug or throw pillow with an amazing pattern and colour scheme, try incorporating items to tie those into your room. This will keep the look consistent even if there are a lot of different elements in your space.

Use Metallic Accents – Using metallic accents, whether its gold or my personal favourite silver, will do so much for your space! I love the elegance, shine, and interest that they add to a design. I like to tie it in throughout my home with frames, candle holders, décor items, and see above for the metallic letters!

Green Is Great – I absolutely love adding some type of greenery to each space and would suggest you do the same. I personally struggle to keep plants alive and well so I usually opt for faux plants, flowers and even fruit. Another fantastic décor item is moss balls! I have had so many people question this, but my love for them is unwavering and I promise you they will add a great element to any space. I spring for fresh flowers whenever I have company, an event, or just want something extra pretty to cheer me up!

Touches of Black – I grew up watching home design shows and reading about it, so I have picked up tips from anywhere and everywhere. One that I distinctively remember was to add at least a touch of black. Even if its just a picture frame, (or my ongoing obsession with chalkboard labels) I try to incorporate it in each space.

Add Personal Items – Nothing makes a space feel like home more than adding a touch of you and your family, friends, pets, etc. to each space. I can honestly say that I have more picture frames than I know what to do with but I try to fill each one with our favourite memories and moments. If you’re not a fan of having a ton of selfies around the house, opt for a print instead! There are so many cute ones out there to suit any personality, see below for the source of some of my favourite prints from Stephanie Sterjovski.

I hope some of my tips help you with your own space!

Linen Pillows: Indigo
Voluspa Mokara Mini Tin Candle: Indigo
Throw Blanket: Indigo
Lets Stay Home Print: Indigo or SS Print Shop
Decorative Moss Balls: Walmart
Woven Basket: Indigo
Mercury Glass Rope Lanterns: Indigo
Picture Frames: Target
Wooden Table Lamp: Target
Silver Letter A: Indigo
Polyresin Decorative Figurine: Target

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