friday favourites: spring beauty

spring beauty bobbi brown bronzer josie maran argan oil light evian facial spray drybar triple sec stila convertible colour petunia essie allure hi maintenance smashbox o-plum ysl tint in oil rouge volupte

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Hello! I’m alive! Lol! I definitely underestimated how much of a toll being pregnant takes on you physically and mentally, taking a little break has been the best thing for baby and I! We are almost there and I couldn’t be more excited to meet our little boy in only 8 weeks now! I have been keeping things pretty simple, but that hasn’t stopped me from finding some new faves that I wanted to share with you! I’m so excited that Spring is finally starting to show here… kind of haha. Take a peek at my new picks below!

First off, I had heard amazing things about Stila Convertible Colour and now I know why! They are versatile and great when you need a pinch of colour on your cheeks or lips on the go and look really natural too. My love of Essie polishes is well documented and I’m always trying new shades to add to my faves, hi maintenance and allure are both great sheer shades for a polished look, hi maintenance is more pink while allure is more on the white side. YSL Rouge Volupte and Tint in Oil are two other products I’ve heard great things about and not just cause the packaging is gorg! The finish of these feel so amazing and are so moisturizing!! I love tints for a natural pink pout so I try anything that gives that effect, I already want the other shades! In pursuit of this, I also tried Smashbox O-Plump which is also one of my new faves! It is the prettiest shade of pink and I love the plumping formula. With the dry weather still in effect here I have been using the Evian facial mist, I keep the travel size in my bag for whenever my skin needs to be freshened up. Also in my bag, I picked up the travel size Josie Maran Argan Oil, this has been amazing for my cuticles, hair and face on the go and the Drybar Triple Sec. It smells like vanilla and is so amazing for adding texture to clean or dirty hair! Lastly, my new favourite bronzer for an early Spring glow is by Bobbi Brown, I use a kabuki brush to frame my face and cheek bones with a pop of colour until the sunshine comes!

friday favourites: skincare routine

skincare routine sephora origins philosophy boscia mac cosmetics wipes love and roses caudalie beauty elixir mario badescu drying lotion

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We are getting so close to the wedding day and have so much to do, but I am determined to have perfect skin! We have had such dry weather and I’ve been struggling with my skin, which is dry-combination. I have wanted to share my new skincare routine with you for a while now since there are so many great products that I have been using and love! I hope some of these work great for you too!

I use the cleanser, face and eye cream by Philosophy for every day use and find they work great for my skin. They seem mild enough for any skin type. When I’m on the go or too tired for the whole routine at night, I use these makeup wipes from MAC Cosmetics. They are ahhhmazing and moisturizing, which I haven’t found in other wipes, plus they smell great! I use two face masks from Origins right now, one is a rose clay retexturizing mask to even out skin and one is an intensive moisturizing overnight mask that I wear to bed almost every night. I promise you will want to lather this on! It smells like apricots and gives your skin a beautiful glow when you wake up. I have also been using the Boscia exfoliating peel gel which has been heaven sent for getting rid of any dry patches! I had wanted to try the Mario Badescu drying lotion (you can find it at Anthropologie or Urban Outiftters) for the longest time and I’m so happy I finally did, it really is amazing at spot treating blemishes. Lastly, I use two beauty mists, love + roses is seriously lovely and great for hydrating and calming skin (I found mine at Anthropologie), and I find that the beauty elixir from Caudalie tones and refreshes my skin. I usually switch between the two throughout the day depending on how my skin feels.

friday favourites: spring beauty

spring beauty products mac cosmetics clinique dior stila jo malone origins caudalie chanel

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Spring has sprung and I’m not complaining about it one bit! Every season I freshen up my decor, my closet and my makeup bag with some new beauty products! I am loving everything about having a pretty pink glow to my eyes, cheeks and lips for Spring and am totally in love with all of these picks! My skin has been going through a dull dry spell and it is not so lovely ;) This resurfacing mask and mist were my first two products to combat this. I plan on sharing a full post on all of the new skin care products I have invested in in the past few months, there are some serious gems I’ve found so stay tuned! I got this amazing and fresh scent for my birthday and I’m in love!!! Jo Malone definitely knows the way to a girls heart, I have my eye on their candles too! And finally, add in some fun pink nails and toes and your ready for blossoms and cute Spring dresses. Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine!

valentine’s day beauty

valentines day love lipstick mac cosmetics
What is not to love about a day dedicated to it?! Whether you have someone special in your life or not there is something so lovely about having hearts, flowers and candy everywhere! If you have plans or a special date night planned, I wanted to share my favourite shades of pink to help get you ready. Depending on how daring you like to get, there is a shade for everyone! All shades by my personal favourite brand, MAC Cosmetics. I hope everyone has a day filled with love!

xo Ashley

winter & holiday beauty

winter beauty favourites sephora nars smashbox tory burch stila bumble and bumble ysl mac cosemetics josie maran holiday beauty

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Tis the season! I wanted to share some of the things I have been loving for the holidays and winter! I actually love combining the two lip colours for a gorgeous shade of deep fuschia that I can’t get enough of. I like to pair this with a neutral eye with a bit of sparkle, this eye palette has everything you need! I like to add a bit of holiday glamour with some natural false lashes and mix a few drops of this illuminator into my foundation. With the dry weather I love any tool that will blend my makeup really well and this oil has been amazing at keeping my skin moisturized! And to remove it all during the busy season I love these wipes since they are quick and are so moisturizing. Another great thing to have with you during the holidays, is a roller ball scent you can throw in your clutch! Finally, this hair powder is magic! It gives amazing texture to flat hairstyles to refresh your style! Happy holidays!

friday favourites: fall beauty

fall beauty sephora anastasia contour kit sugar fresh lip polish philosophy burberry brit nyx blush nars fanny mac doubletime shell we dance sally hansen lancome hynose

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Hello October! Time really does fly, I cannot believe it’s here already. With the leaves changing and Thanksgiving around the corner, I’m having a hard time realizing the holidays are fast approaching. The best part of a new season is embracing some new looks! I love when I try new products and love every single one of them which has been the case with my favourites for the Fall season.

I have been a bronzer for my contour kinda gal for a while now so I wasn’t sure the Anastasia Contour Kit and Sephora’s brightening loose powder were totally necessary. I decided to splurge anyway. Let me tell you they are SO worth it!! The look is so much cleaner, I’m completely sold! I also decided to try a new lip liner which I don’t typically wear unless I’m wearing a red lip. I am so happy with the staying power of my lipstick and again what a clean finish it gives your pout. And bonus! This pink nude shade goes with pretty much every colour. I have been obsessed with this NYX blush in Foreplay. It’s the first dupe I have found of my favourite limited edition MAC blush called Pet Me that I have been mourning for some time ha! Since we have been so busy I haven’t had time for nail polish so I love this shade in Shell We Dance, it goes on easily for a quick polished look. The Fall season also calls for rich berry shades, thick lashes and warm vanilla scents! And finally I tried out this a new face cleanser which I use with my Clarisonic and lip scrub to keep smooth in the upcoming dry season.

friday favourites: summer beauty

summer beauty

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I’m a little late on sharing my picks for summer beauty favourites, but I have been busy enjoying the sunshine! My beauty routine has been pretty simple lately! I love nice glow for summer so I apply bronzer along my hairline and cheekbones. This one is inexpensive and has a great natural finish! I love using this brush for bronzer, it picks up just enough product for a natural finish and blends perfectly (I also use it for my foundation!). Add some mascara, brow gel, a pink pout and your ready to go! I use the brow brush to blend the gel once dry for a more natural look. My skincare has been minimal as well. I’m obsessed with this soap I picked up on a whim one day. Not only does it leave my skin feeling great, it doesn’t dry your face or hands out. Once my face is clean, I like to use a vitamin C serum to give my skin all of the goodies it needs! Finally, I love these two creams, they are lightweight, moisturizing and don’t make me break out! Hope everyone is enjoying their summers!

friday favourites: spring beauty

spring beauty
Since Spring is in the air, okay only kind of, but I was feeling inspired to try out some fun new beauty for the upcoming season! First off, I wanted a fresh scent that was fruity and floral, this one smells delicious. I loved adding a few new lip colours to my beauty routine and I honestly cannot stop wearing any of these!
From the gorgeous bright plum shade, totally inspired from The Bachelor #teamkaitlyn, to the amazingly hydrating rose shades! Also, it wouldn’t feel like sandal weather until you have a pretty pink pedicure and manicure so I included my favourite shades for the season. Lastly I love dewy and hydrated skin to help
combat dry weather skin. I love these picks to achieve the look!

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friday favourites: valentine beauty

valentine beauty
Happy LOVE Day everyone! I love Valentine beauty, mostly because it’s an excuse to wear all of the prettiest shades of pink and red! Looking back I realized I didn’t include a lot of reds! Luckily I had already shared this post with my favourite reds so I stuck with my pink picks. My favourite flirty look for V-Day is a pink or red lip, flirty lashes and cheeks with a bold brow! I have been loving this Chloe perfume, it is so feminine, which is perfect for this day. And since it’s the day of love I included a few extras to keep your pout in perfect shape! Finally, the perfect pink shades of polish for your night out, not to mention their names are perfect for Valentines Day!

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