the DIY manicure

manicure | www.ohhellolovely.commanicure | www.ohhellolovely.comI wanted to share some tips on how I master the at-home manicure! Like I have mentioned in the past, I had decided to take a break from nail tips almost six years ago now. I loved how strong the acrylic made my nails and how polished they always looked. But the damaging effects started to show when it wouldn’t take anymore. My salon suggested taking a break so that’s what I did! I still wanted my nails to look polished but I couldn’t justify the weekly costs of a manicure. I invested in the supplies to do it myself and was so happy with the results. This doesn’t mean I don’t treat myself to some pampering every once in a while, but it makes it more affordable between appointments! Take a look at my tips and do a little at-home pampering this weekend!

Step 1 – Remove any old polish from nails
Step 2 – Cut and file nails to your desired length and shape – keep in mind if your nails break easily a rounded tip or edges are less likely to
Step 3 – Soak nails to soften cuticles and/or massage cuticle cream directly onto cuticle/around nail bed
Step 4 – Use one end of the cuticle pusher tool clean under the tips of your nails. Use the other end of the tool to push back cuticle (the curve should match the curve in your nail) – I find its best to use a brisk motion to do this step
Step 5 – Use the cutter/nipper tool to clean up cuticle, hang nails or dead skin around the nail bed
Step 6 – Buff nail (you should follow the grain of the nail ie. vertically)
Step 7 – Massage cuticle oil to finger tips – if I have none around I substitute with Moroccan Oil!
Step 8 – Wash and dry hands thoroughly to make sure your nails are dried off before applying your basecoat – this will help your polish last longer, go on smoothly and protect them from staining with darker polishes
Step 9 – Shake and apply polish! I usually start by dabbing a blob of polish near the bottom center of my nail where I want the colour to start. I brush a very thin coat up the middle and then brush the colour up each side of my nail. I let them dry for a few seconds between coats to avoid any bubbling. I repeat the same steps until I’m happy with the coverage and colour! Lighter colours can end up looking streaky some of the time so I usually wear about 3 coats of polish with these.
Step 10 – If you want to add glitter or any decoration to nail, here is where you want to do it! I usually like to let my nail dry a little (they should feel tacky), before applying my top coat. This ensures you don’t brush away any of the colour. A topcoat will step will prevent chipping and give your desired finish whether it be matte or shine. Let your nails dry thoroughly, clean up any product outside of your nail bed and your done!

friday favourites: holiday beauty

winter beauty favourites
Hello! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I wanted to ring 2015 in by sharing a few of my favourite beauty products this season! We haven’t had a ton of snow yet this year so they are mostly my picks for the holidays.

1. MAC lipstick in Relentlessly Red
I have finally found the perfect holiday red! This shade is a classic that was slightly more orange than most of the shades of red I wear. It has a nice finish that felt smooth and re-applied nicely without drying!
2. E.L.F. Shimmering Facial Whip
I love to tap just a little of this to highlight in the corner of my eyes, cheekbones or browbone! The size makes it easy to throw in your bag for touch ups on the go!
3. Essie polish in Bahama Mama
Ever since I got this colour I haven’t wanted to wear anything else. It’s a rich deep purple shade that reminds me of the Stila Aria liquid lipstick that I love. It was a nice break from the typical reds I wear during the holidays
4. Essie polish in Stitched
I’m always a fan of neutral pink nail shades but this one out of the holiday collection has a subtle shimmer that gives a pearly look. It looks gorgeous worn under the matte topcoat too!
5. Essie Topcoat in Matte About You
I love the look of matte anything so I’m surprised it took me this long to try this product! Its gives a chic finish to your nails with any shade of polish
6. Herbal Essence Dry Shampoo
With such a busy calendar during the season, styling my hair often + the dry weather can be damaging. I try to minimize washes as much as possible! This one has worked really well for me and comes in an amazing rose scent!
7. Evian Water Spray
With the winter chill happening here I decided to try this product. When your skin is feeling tight and dry it keeps it feeling hydrated and dewy
8. Revlon Liquid Eyeliner in Blackest Black
Anytime I want a look that will last all night aka special occasions, photos, etc., I use this. It gives me a bold, smooth look that lasts ALL night! It is not the type of liner you want to make mistakes with though as it dries super matte, I usually use a formula like this L’Oreal one that is a bit more forgiving first as a template
9. Sonia Kashcuk Eye Shadow Quad in Fair and Square
This colour palette is my favourite for everyday and I can build intensity for the evening! I love to tap the glitter shade over my lid or corner of my eyes for looks that I want to be a little more special
10. Sonia Kashuk Matte Lip Crayon
Within my first application I knew I loved this product. The velvety texture feels great especially with the dry winter weather. The nude pink colour is perfect for everyday looks or paired with a smokey eye for evening
11. Sephora Glitter Eyeliner and Mascara in Golden Glitter
If bold eyes or lips are not for you or if like me, you just like to try something new – this is for you! I love how sleek and sophisticated a simple line of glitter underneath, along your liner or both, can look! Such a small statement can make a big impact for your next evening out

vacation style + what to pack!

vacation stylevacation stylevacation stylevacation stylevacation stylevacation stylevacation style

Hello! It has been over a week since we got home from vacation. We traveled to Jamaica for the wedding of two of our best friends and were honored to stand in their wedding party on the special day. I had a hard time packing for this trip, it was my first time at a resort, let alone out of North America so I had no idea what to bring. I definitely over packed and learnt the hard way what the necessities will be for our next trip. While we’re trying to get settled in for Christmas, some of you might be jetting off somewhere warm in the new year so I wanted to share my vacation style and packing tips!

When it comes to vacation style, I know most people choose bright colours and patterns, but since we would be going for two weeks, I decided to go with some classic pieces that I could mix and match. There were a few outfits and pieces that I kept going back to though, including this look! One thing that I was not prepared for was the humidity, especially with it being the end of rainy season so I included my beauty must-haves as well! I attached links for as many items that were still available or similar options that I love!

vacation style |
vacation style |
First up, I knew I had to pack some neutral t-shirts that would go with anything and could be dressed up for any occasion. I actually wish I had brought more of these! I brought a few pairs of shorts, I had way more than I needed, I only ended up wearing jean and white jean cut-offs and the high-wasted black ones featured in this post. These are a favourite that I had picked up just before the end of summer and hadn’t gotten a chance to wear yet. I adore them! They can be dressed up or down which is great when you want to pack light!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

vacation style
In the evenings I thought I would want to wear dresses every night, but most of the days are spent on the beach or by the pool, so dresses end up being your go to since you can easily throw them on! Like I mentioned earlier I ended up loving my shorts so I could have brought a few less dresses. Another great piece to bring is a cute cover up, I sadly waited too long to look for these in stores during the summer and missed out. I ended up buying a cute black and white sarong in town that I loved and can be worn so many ways, plus its a great souvenir that you can actually use!

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vacation style |
I always order a few new suits before a trip to keep up with new trends that I love! I usually pick pieces that again mix and match with ones I already have. I majorly over packed here! I found myself wanting to wear only my new favourites! I easily could have stuck to 10 pieces that I could alternate between.


vacation style |
Foot wear is not something that I typically take too seriously, strangely I’m not a huge shoe gal. I was pretty happy with my choices! I brought sandals in black, white and silver. I packed strappy black and nude heels which personally felt too formal but I’m glad I had the option.

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vacation style |
Obviously we cannot forget about this sunny vacation must-have! I brought my two favourite fedoras which I pretty much lived in considering the nightmare that was my hair. Also great for protecting your beautiful face as well. I wish I had brought along my floppy hat though which is so stylish and offers a lot more protection! I opted not to bring it because I didn’t want in to get ruined in my luggage but in hind sight bringing something like this on the plane is probably the best bet!

vacation style |
I brought a ton of jewelry with me so I had options (the fear of not having options is a scary thing to me!), plus I had my cute new jewelry wrap so it seemed natural. Anyway, I would suggest bringing classic pieces here as well. If you’re not wearing it at home chances are you won’t decide to on vacation. Stick to your everyday pieces and add in a statement necklace or sparkly baubles for special dinners.

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vacation style |
I knew I needed to be prepared when it came to cosmetics considering we would be in a wedding. I needed my makeup to stay put for the big day. Unfortunately heat and makeup are two things that don’t go together without a little help so I brought my favourite primers and a setting spray. My hair sadly did not fair well on this trip! I have not seen this kind of humidity probably ever, except watching friends and I really should have taken the memo! I would highly suggest bringing some products to help beat the heat! After some extensive research, these seem to do the trick!
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

travel essentials
If your like me you love being organized! In a perfect world everything has a place and it makes it so much easier to stay put together. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style though and that’s just what I did with the help of these chic traveling accessories!
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vacation style
Last but not least the accessories you can’t live without while lounging pool or beach side! Staying hydrated is so important in the heat so I like to bring water with me! Before we left I downloaded a ton of great new music, cute ear buds make it even better! I also packed my fave sunnies and reads.
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vacation style